Monday, 20 June 2011

Spring 2011 ceramics & jewellery work

The ceramics class was full (it has been on a wave of popularity for some two years or more) whereas the jewellery classes were only sparsely attended (again, a trend of the past couple of years). Nonetheless some very interesting pieces were produced in both classes, pictures below.
The two heads are by Michael Storrs, in porcelain paper clay, as yet unfired. These are followed by an unfired buff earthenware / stoneware clay hemispherical pot with lid (it actually has three small peg-like feet below) by Clotilde Passalaqua, and a selection of fired tiles with slip-coloured relief design by Maggie Boyle.

110524_31 110524_30 110524_28 110524_27

Below we have a heavy hammer-finish copper bangle by Michelle Wong, then Anna Galica modelling her brass hammered bangle in our art room, followed by a close-up of the bangle. Finally there is a fine silver (PMC) flower form with ear wire and sapphire crystal by Magda Brzezniak.

110525_34 110525_35 110525_36 110519_14

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