Monday, 28 December 2009

Autumn term 2009 - silver items

Below we have sterling silver strips by Alan Reynolds, all roller-textured, together with a PMC (fine silver) leaf with an added CZ. Then there is a sterling bracelet, roller-textured by rolling through the mill whilst bound with brass wire by Joanna Harris.

Sterling silver strips PMC leaf Roller-textured bracelet

The bracelet in fact suffered damage subsequently on being worn; it snagged on clothing and split along one of the rolled indentations furthest from the open ends. This would probably be because most stress would be concentrated at this point, and because this particular indentation was very deep. Fortunately, it soldered extremely well to make an invisible and perfect repair, although only time will tell whether it will still be liable to damage.

Autumn term 2009 - bright ceramics

The late autumn and winter season brought out some very colourful ceramics, some of which are shown below. The beads are by Cathy Mallay, and consist of glass glaze on top of ceramic-glazed hollow terracotta. Then follows a rather wonderful sampler of textures on a glazed tile, followed by two examples of work by Julia Didenko. The open-work bowl has delicate patterns etched into the glaze before firing, and the detail of the following plate shows an evocation of forest fruits.

Glazed beads Texture tile Glazed inscribed pot Forest fruits plate