Monday, 1 June 2009

Mercat, silver droplets, and creative bending

The Spring 2009 jewellery class most-interesting efforts were perhaps the 'silver droplet' rings by Joanna Harris, the folded sterling silver ring by Alan Reynolds, and the roller-printed copper bangle by Delores Clarke.
Silver droplet ring1 Silver droplet ring2 Folded ring

Folded ringRoll-printed copper band

This folded ring was a considerable challenge to get a single tapered band of silver to bend until the smaller end could neatly fit into a pierced slot at the larger end, whilst simultaneously ending up with the correct size ring! It's a little unprofessional of me, showing the rings before they have been properly sanded and polished, but I thought I had better grab images while camera and ring were to hand.
Mercat Picture frames Floral pot Floral pot closeup
The "mercat" above, by Segal Patel, was actually designed as a clock face (hence the visible spindle hole). Next follows two picture frames (one atop the other), also by Segal, and two views of a dynamic flower-form pot with a striking glaze by Samantha Board.
Plate by Tammie Quai Bowl by Tammie Quai Large plate by Tammie Quai
Finally, above are two plates and one small crackle-interior bowl by Tammie Quai.