Monday, 28 December 2009

Autumn term 2009 - silver items

Below we have sterling silver strips by Alan Reynolds, all roller-textured, together with a PMC (fine silver) leaf with an added CZ. Then there is a sterling bracelet, roller-textured by rolling through the mill whilst bound with brass wire by Joanna Harris.

Sterling silver strips PMC leaf Roller-textured bracelet

The bracelet in fact suffered damage subsequently on being worn; it snagged on clothing and split along one of the rolled indentations furthest from the open ends. This would probably be because most stress would be concentrated at this point, and because this particular indentation was very deep. Fortunately, it soldered extremely well to make an invisible and perfect repair, although only time will tell whether it will still be liable to damage.

Autumn term 2009 - bright ceramics

The late autumn and winter season brought out some very colourful ceramics, some of which are shown below. The beads are by Cathy Mallay, and consist of glass glaze on top of ceramic-glazed hollow terracotta. Then follows a rather wonderful sampler of textures on a glazed tile, followed by two examples of work by Julia Didenko. The open-work bowl has delicate patterns etched into the glaze before firing, and the detail of the following plate shows an evocation of forest fruits.

Glazed beads Texture tile Glazed inscribed pot Forest fruits plate

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Abstract flora and a polar bear

The three pictures below are floral-themed ceramics by Chris Coggins from the Summer 2009 ceramics class.
Three flower-form pots Oak leaf plate Floral pot form
Then below there is a very dynamic crimson glaze on a hemispherical bowl with free-form edges by Harriet Bartlett, and a polar bear and coil pot by Anusha Luchmun-Roy.
Hemi bowl Polar bear Coil bowl

Monday, 1 June 2009

Mercat, silver droplets, and creative bending

The Spring 2009 jewellery class most-interesting efforts were perhaps the 'silver droplet' rings by Joanna Harris, the folded sterling silver ring by Alan Reynolds, and the roller-printed copper bangle by Delores Clarke.
Silver droplet ring1 Silver droplet ring2 Folded ring

Folded ringRoll-printed copper band

This folded ring was a considerable challenge to get a single tapered band of silver to bend until the smaller end could neatly fit into a pierced slot at the larger end, whilst simultaneously ending up with the correct size ring! It's a little unprofessional of me, showing the rings before they have been properly sanded and polished, but I thought I had better grab images while camera and ring were to hand.
Mercat Picture frames Floral pot Floral pot closeup
The "mercat" above, by Segal Patel, was actually designed as a clock face (hence the visible spindle hole). Next follows two picture frames (one atop the other), also by Segal, and two views of a dynamic flower-form pot with a striking glaze by Samantha Board.
Plate by Tammie Quai Bowl by Tammie Quai Large plate by Tammie Quai
Finally, above are two plates and one small crackle-interior bowl by Tammie Quai.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

PSAD revisited

Another (5-week this time) stint at Putney School of Art, now in temporary premises at The Old Library, on Wandsworth West Hill while the home premises are refurbished. The room doing duty for sculpture from life is now smaller and with different light, but quite satisfactory. The pieces illustrated below are (unfired) interpretations of Matthew Oghene. The one on the left is by Reiko, made in terracotta-rich mixed body. The purplish colour is the unfortunate effect of posing it against a yellow background and letting the camera's 'auto' setting work out a rendition (i.e. I should have taken more care).

Matthew by Reiko Matthew by Sally ShillitoMatthew by Amanda MarshMatthew by Renata Ward

After wiring the sculpture in half down the middle then hollowing, Reiko and myself felt it was interesting in two halves as displayed and didn't need welding together again. The piece in the centre is by Sally Shillito, in this case the colour balance properly shows the terracotta of the source clay. The third picture, shot against the light in moody monochrome, is an early stage in sculpting Matthew by Amanda Marsh, and the last picture is Matthew in unfired terracotta by Renata Ward.
Meanwhile, the Winter 2009 Jewellery course had interesting pieces including the pewter mythological creature & skull by Michael Knight.

pewter creature by Michael KnightSkull by Michael Knight

Monday, 16 February 2009

End of year, 2008

Although a lot of student work has been done, I have very few photos to show for it, partly because my most-recent camera was out of commission for a while. There are two pictures of green wax carved, one for a large snow flake which was subsequently cast very successfully in pewter, and another for a series of arabesque shapes which were mostly carved in pewter with at least one being cast in silver. Unfortunately, I have no photos of the metal versions. And there is also a photo of a nickle-silver ring by Claudia Gonella, fabricated by rolling with a wire for texture, and soldered to show the reverse side. This was very successful.