Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Goodbye to Putney

I have now finished a complete year of Fridays at Putney School of Art, teaching sculpture from life. Quite possibly I will be remembered most for three memorable models I managed to find - Helen, Matthew and Omarius. Below from the left is Omarius, then Matthew, by Elizabeth Font; Omarius by Donald Mead; Wendoline by Imogen le Marquand; a sphinx by Caroline Dashwood; a sculpture with gilded necklace by Merkhaba Mukergee; and a horse relief in resin bronze by Sue Kochalski.

Both head studies were completed in a single 3-hour session (with a 20-mins break for coffee). The sculpture of Wendoline was completed over a couple of weeks, whilst the sphinx was done substantially away from the studio with only occasional references to a model. The resin bronze started off as a green clay original. A mould was made in Tiranti paste silicone rubber, then cast (outdoors) in resin bronze with an inner core of resin iron. Subsequently it was patinated using acetic acid and salt (not pictured) to give an aged and corroded effect.